Private Aviation

Private Aviation

Unfortunately, aviation related exposures are not covered under general liability or umbrella policies.

If you have a private aircraft that you use for non-commercial purposes, you'll need an aviation specific policy. To ensure you receive the proper coverage, we rely on a select group of aviation market specialists to help us write your policy.

Hull Coverages:

You can select for a comprehensive plan, which covers your plane against physical damage while in flight and on the ground, or opt to cover only in-flight losses. A deductible generally applies to all losses while the aircraft is in motion, including taxiing. The policy handles losses that occur during the policy period while the aircraft is within the U.S., its territories and possessions, Canada and Mexico, or enroute between these points.

Liability Coverage:

Aircraft Liability coverages consist of two separate insuring agreements: bodily injury and passenger liability. Typically, "passenger" is a defined term referring to any person in, on, boarding, occupying or leaving an insured aircraft. Liability limits may be split to apply per passenger and per loss (for bodily injury) or may be written on a single limit basis to provide protection for bodily injury, property damage, and passenger liability.

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