Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Now, more than ever, it is important to plan well in advance for Retirement; as soon as you start your career.  

Since most companies have moved away from a guaranteed pension, and moved toward a shared savings plan, such as a 401(k), not only do you have to invest more in your own retirement, you are at the mercy of the plan selections and market trends, which have proven to be very volatile in the 21st Century thus far. 

It is vital that you be informed, and keep up with your progress in conjunction with the inflation rate, to ensure you are adequately prepared for Retirement on time and on budget.  Since we know this is difficult, we are here to help!

Since people are living longer, it is possible that some will live in Retirement almost as long as they were in the job market.  Think about that for a minute, . . . would you be prepared for living 30 to 40 years in Retirement?   

Often times, people have delusions of grandeur, of traveling and living lavishly in Retirement.  But the reality is that the majority of Seniors have not adequately accounted for inflation, longevity, Chronic Illness or Long-Term Care.  

What happens if you and/or your spouse get seriously ill along the way? 

One major illness can deplete an entire Retirement account, then all that is left is Social Security income, which does not keep up with inflation or rising medical costs.

Because your Retirement Plan is so important, and since it is constantly evolving with each life change, it is beneficial to have one of our experienced Agents help educate you and ensure your plan is in place and monitored.

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