My name is Ed J with Right On Estimates - a small business owner/Contractor in Seattle. I recommend CHOICE Insurance and Nick to everyone. Why? Simple..Nick and the team at Choice ROCK. They are super professional and Nick is always looking to Save me money for Quality Coverage, as a contractor I spend a lot on insurance. I have several other contractors who have switched over to Choice and have thanked me for A GREAT REFERRAL


- Ed Jordan

…is just spectacular. Always work hard to find the best policies for me, saves me a ton of money, and deals with all my tedious questions with a smile. I've been a customer of Choice insurance for about 7 years and I don't see that changing.

Sonja Jack

Having lived in 5 states in the past 26 years, we have had lots of insurance agents and companies. Of all, Choice is the best insurance agency we have ever worked with. They always have the whole picture and provide the most appropriate coverage with competitive pricing. We have our home and auto insurances with Choice…Glad to be in good hands (with real experience).

Steven Tsai

CHOICE takes amazing care of their customers, they are prompt, polite and willing to go the extra mile to help out. I had a friend get into a car accident, didn't know what to do, called me and I had her call CHOICE, and for no charge, walked her through the correct steps of getting the other driver's insurance information and things like that. They didn't ask anything in return. Amazing service - I recommend them to all of my friends.

Anonymous client

With the recession forcing us to take a serious look at our expenses, we decided we needed to explore avenues to trim our hefty insurance bill. We were close to our deadline for insurance renewal so time was of the essence but we also needed to save money. We are a complex company with a variety of business dealings so we needed someone who had the expertise to address all of our issues. We spoke with a variety of agencies but found the pricing, knowledge and service provided by Choice Insurance to be unmatched. We not only were able to reduce our insurance expense substantially but, working with Nick Ghaffari, were able to really understand our insurance needs and work to streamline our payments and renewals. We have recommended them to other companies that we deal with and they have also made the switch to Choice. Endorsements don’t get any better than that!

Rachel Hopps, CPA | Tec Realestate, Inc

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