Environmental Insurance


Environmental Insurance

CHOICE Insurance has been providing insurance and related services to environmental contractors and consultants for over two decades.

Our program includes four coverage parts to protect your entire operation from your yard to your reputation: Contracting Operations Environmental Liability, Waste Disposal Liability, Location Liability and Image Restoration.

Coverage Includes:

  • "Midnight Dumping" (contaminants illegally disposed of or abandoned by a third party)
  • Emergency Expenses, without our prior consent, to protect third parties or the environment from an imminent endangerment due to contamination
  • Mold, legionella and low level radioactive matter or waste
  • Natural Resource Damages
  • Bodily Injury includes medical and environmental monitoring
  • Remediation Expense includes both clean-up to the extent required by law and in absence of such laws to the extent recommended by an Environmental Professional
  • Related legal and defense expenses
  • Project-Specific policies available with terms up to 5 years


We make certain your coverage meets all lease requirements and we offer payment plans to fit your cash flow requirements. We also offer you immediate preparation of certificates for your oil company or landlord, and rapid claims handling.

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