Do You Know What Isn't Covered on Your Homeowners Policy? 


Often times, people assume that anything that happens to their home is covered, but that is not the case.

Every policy has an Exclusion section. It is important for you to find that section and read it, so you will know what isn't covered. 

The following are common exclusions on homeowner policies:

  • Power failure
  • Industrial pollution & smoke caused by it
  • Earth movement (earthquake)
  • Water damage due to flood
  • Intentional loss
  • War
  • Nuclear Accidents
  • Pets and other animals, insects and pests
  • Settling, wear and tear
  • Act of negligence
  • Actions taken by government and other associations
  • Legal action due to lack of proper permits, defective construction, design or maintenance
  • Theft or Damage from vandalism in vacant dwellings or in dwellings under construction
  • Deterioration due to weather conditions, that aggravates other excluded causes of loss

The good news is that you can add coverage on for many of these exclusions, so check with your Agent.

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