How an Independent Insurance Broker Benefits You 

An independent Broker works for YOU, not the Insurance Company, therefore helps protect YOUR interests. Independent Brokers are experts in their field, and at helping to manage your risks. They are not tied to one company, therefore have access to shop the market to get you the best rates and coverages for your needs.

An Independent Insurance Broker is a consultative member of your financial team. Like an Attorney, Accountant or Financial Planner, it is your Insurance Broker's responsibility to help protect your hard earned assets. 

Another advantage of using an Independent Broker is that you typically work with only one or two agents that are familiar with your account, not a call center. They are very customer focused and place high importance on servicing your account, not just selling you the policies.

Many Independent Brokerages represent all lines of Insurance, so they can help you with your Home, Auto, Business, Life, Health, and special lines of Insurance. So even if your policies are with two or more companies, they are all managed in one place. Therefore, you can build a lasting relationship with your Broker, and have the peace of mind of knowing that you can make one call to get all of your needs handled and questions answered.

CHOICE Insurance is a full-service Brokerage, so we handle all of your insurance needs, including Retirement Planning. 

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